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Localvantia Pre-Launch!

We are very excited to unveil a powerful and groundbreaking new program for SFI affiliates. For years, we’ve been working towards a way to allow our affiliates to earn unlimited VersaPoints by simply shopping at their favorite local merchants. Imagine earning all your rank-qualifying VersaPoints each month by simply buying your groceries, fueling up your car, or dining at your favorite restaurants! Better yet, imagine earning earn all these VersaPoints with no additional expense whatsoever; just buy what you already buy! Yes, that’s exactly what our new program, “Localvantia,” aims to do! But Localvantia won’t be just grocery stores, gas stations, and places to eat.  On the contrary, Localvantia is designed to cover essentially ALL merchants with products and services consumed locally. Here are some of the categories planned: Accountants/Tax ProfessionalsAppliance Installation & RepairAttorneysAutomotiveBakeryBars/PubsBeauty/Hair Salons

SFI Rules Of Success: Rule #8 Leaders are readers It's ABSURD to think you can succeed in SFI if you're not visiting the SFI Affiliate Center at least once a day and reading the latest information and updates. EVERY DAY, at the very least, you should be checking all of the tabs on your SFI homepage (Alerts, Tips, To-Do List, TripleClicks, Scoreboard, etc.). You should also be reading the latest posts on the SFI Forum. If you're not reading all or most of these things, you are clearly NOT serious about SFI and you will therefore not succeed.
Tip: I post multiple times at the SFI Forum almost every day, including weekends. By reading my posts, you'll gain a LOT of insights into the direction of the company. You can easily follow all my postings by clicking the "Follow" icon behind my name and then using the Follow monitoring feature of the Forum.
But don't stop with the SFI Affiliate Center. Go out on the Web every day and subscribe to marketing newsletters, re…

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin At Tripleclicks

Bitcoin is back at TripleClicks! We are very excited today to announce that, effective immediately, we’re accepting Bitcoin again at TripleClicks! Yes, we’re excited indeed to join thousands of other forward-thinking businesses already accepting Bitcoin, such as: MicrosoftWordPressOverstock.comSubwayRedditVirgin GalaticIntuitDish NetworkWhole FoodsExpediaDellTiger Direct Yes, like these companies and many more, we believe that there is a major transition underway.  The Internet has dramatically changed the world…and digital, decentralized currency like Bitcoin appears to be the next revolution.  SFI intends to be an active participant in this revolution (both with Bitcoin and potentially other cryptocurrencies as well)! Nicholas Cary, CEO of, describes the power of Bitcoin like this:

SFI Rules Of Success: Rule #7 YOU make it happen, no one else Not only is this a key rule in SFI, but I consider this to be among THE most important lessons in life. NO ONE ELSE can make you successful. It's all up to you. YOU are the "master of your destiny" and responsible for your own success. Period.
Conversely, there's not anyone or anything that will make you a failure. It does no good to blame the economy, your education, or whatever bad breaks you've had in your life. Doing so means taking on a victim's mentality. DON'T EVER DO THIS. I can guarantee you that many thousands of people have succeeded despite having it much worse, so don't make excuses and don't convince yourself that you're somehow a victim.
And the grass isn't any greener on the other side either. You have now (or can acquire) everything you need to be successful. Just remember that it's up to you and nobody else. Then go out and do it.

Now, for those who might be t…