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Sureway Nigeria now sell fashionable goods like bags, shoes, wrist watches, jewelry, Engagement/Wedding Rings, etc.

Do you like fashionable goods or like to buy them for your loved ones? Sureway Nigeria is here for you. We ship everything from China and some other parts of the world directly to your door step. No more fear of loss or scammers. We are here to bring what you love to your door step all the way from China and some other parts of the world at affordable prices. Our tracking system is always on standby to track your goods as it comes all the way. So, no fear of loss or missing goods.

All you have to do is go to our store, select the particular goods you want, leave a message or call our customer care line.

NOTE: Estimate time of delivery for goods that comes directly from China is 20-45 days. Some take up to 60 days. Factors such as delayed logistics and customs clearings may have an impact on the delivery time. But goods ordered through Sureway Nigeria comes between 20-30 days. While goods ordered through DHL comes between 9-18 days but additional shipping cost has to be paid.

Our representative is always ready to attend to you anytime from 8:00 am-6:00 pm Monday to Saturday. You can call our customer care line on 08108894133 or send an email to


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